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Message from the President

We all have experienced summers that are just too short to explore the many places and people we want to experience. This summer I didn’t go far but found great treasures that help me in my commitment to education at Notre Dame Academy. One example was a hiking experience in the Catskill Mountains. After hours of hiking through densely wooded areas and along creeks I came to the edge of the mountain and looked out over the spectacular range. And there, in the middle of nowhere, were the remnants of the stone foundation of a home. How did anyone get here to build a home on the brow of this mountain? And more surprising were the three gigantic slate “seats” which had been erected to look out over the beautiful valley.. This sight was a profound reminder of the pioneer, frontier spirit that drives so many to find beauty, happiness and an experience of the divine. It brought to mind what we try so diligently to do at NDA; expand the horizon, push out the frontier, test limits, discover gifts, encounter God.

I have always been aware of the long tradition of heroic, pioneer women who made extraordinary life changes and inspiring sacrifices to establish schools on this continent, one of which was NDA. I have been enormously challenged to be part of that tradition, which is reflected in our Mission Statement:

In the tradition of the Congregation of Notre Dame, the mission of Notre Dame Academy is to advance, embody and excel at "liberating education..."

NDA is well into its 2nd century of providing quality education to the girls and young women on Staten Island. As I start my 7th term as president, it is my continued commitment to see that all of our students are prepared to be transforming agents in our world and in our church.

This year in our effort to implement our challenging Strategic Plan we have initiated several significant changes in programs, strategies, schedules and more in both schools of the Academy. What you will experience is that NDA is stretching and deepening at the same time. This is a vibrant institution that pulses with its strong heritage while it breathes the air of new challenges.

I am excited, encouraged and energized as we start a new year. I will continue to support an environment at NDA where the gifts of each and all staff persons are valued and nourished, where each one sees her/his work as ministry, where we all become “agents of our own transformation and the transformation of society”.

You are invited to explore Notre Dame through this website, or even better to call the respective school and arrange an in person tour.

Sr. Patricia Corley, CND