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Students in Pre-K through Grade 8 may stay in our adult supervised after school program which is available at a minimal fee on most school days until 6:00pm.

2019-2020 Rate Information

Registration: $15 per child (Maximum of $30 per family)

* Child/family must be registered in order to use the program.



1 Child

2 or more girls

1 hour or less

$10 per day

$15 per day

More than one hour (Until 6pm)

$20 per day

$30 per day


$25 on half-days of school

$35 on half-days of school


For each day pick up is later than 6:00pm, there will be a charge of $10.00 per 15 minutes late.



  • The office will bill monthly.
  • Payment is due by the 15th of the month following the use of the AfterCare Program.
  • A $10 billing charge will be added to the above rates if payment is ten days in arrears.